Japan’s SkyDrive startup succeeds in the first test of an electric flying car

The dream of eliminating traffic crises may become a reality in a few years, as a Japanese company has successfully tested a flying car for the first time.

Japan’s SkyDrive startup, on Friday, already made the first limited flight of a flying electric vehicle with a person on board.

The company showed a video clip to journalists, in which a small car, much like a club bike, equipped with four fans, flew several feet off the ground and flew for 4 minutes in a confined area.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, SEO of the company, said that he hopes the flying car will become a real product by 2023, indicating that the focus now will be on making it safer.

“Of the more than 100 projects of flying cars in the world, only a few who could carry people on board have succeeded,” Tomohiro said. “I hope many people want to ride and feel safe.”

He added: “At the moment this car can fly for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. We first aspire to make it fly for 30 minutes, and then we will see what happens.”

These cars are called eVOLT and they provide vertical takeoff and landing, and they can save a lot of things in the future such as getting rid of airport hassles and traffic congestion.

This project began in 2012 and was funded by major Japanese companies, led by the automaker Toyota and the electronics company Panasonic.

If this car becomes commercially available … how much do you expect it to cost? Join us in the comments ..

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