Vivo shows an innovative technology to change the background color of smartphones

Phone manufacturers are trying to bring more innovations and more unconventional colors to make their phones more attractive, and this is what Vivo wants to do soon.

We saw a lot of colors and gradients on the phones, the latest of which was a transparent background on Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

But! The Chinese company Vivo claims that it has developed a technology to customize any color you want on the backend of your smartphone, as the background color changes according to the user’s taste.

The new technology from the company is based on a technology called Electrochromism, which allows the glass to change its color.

A video clip appeared on the Chinese social networking site Weibo explaining what it is, and this technology uses electric glass and is now used in smart windows for cars and buildings.

The leaked section shows the phone and there is a girl speaking from Vivo and explaining the new technology of the company, and it seems that the phone used in the experiment is the Vivo S7.

Although it is a distinctive and unprecedented new technology, it drains the battery, and certainly, there is a hot in the phone because of it, which means that it is difficult to use it commercially at present.

And it is not strange for a company like Vivo to introduce new innovations, as a few years ago it was one of the first companies to offer a fingerprint sensor technology under the screen.

With this technology, the company aims to stop manufacturing phones of different colors in the future and to launch one copy with electric glass in the back that can change the background color to what the user wants.

What do you think about this technology? Did you like it? Join us in the comments…

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