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Facebook AR glasses give users superior hearing capabilities

Facebook unveiled a new glasses of augmented reality, Facebook AR, with new technologies that give users superhuman hearing and perceptual capabilities by amplifying or approximating the desired sounds to be heard and masking the noise in the surrounding environment.

The new technology developed by Facebook Reality Labs, the research unit that makes the most advanced (AR) and (VR) glasses, will allow users to approximate and improve the desired sound in real-life situations, in addition to masking the loud noises they may encounter during a conversation.

The research unit called this technology “super perceptual powers”, as the prototype of the device focused on tracking eye movement and capturing what the user is interested in before raising the sound that catches their attention. The team also hopes to help people who suffer from hearing impairment.

Facebook has been working on audio technologies years ago and has focused on AR and VR devices, and has produced both Oculus Quest and Rift. “We started by conducting our research in virtual reality, but it turned to augmented reality,” says the director of the research team. “We realized that all the technologies that we develop can serve a greater purpose, which is to improve human hearing.”

The company hopes the glasses will provide useful items in loud places like restaurants. For example, AR glasses can identify different types of events occurring around the wearer, such as people talking, the sound of the air conditioner, or the sound produced by the use of dishes and utensils. And using artificial intelligence.

Thus, the device can remove the distracting noise from around the user while improving the sounds that he wants to focus on, giving the user superb perceptual powers.

Have you ever wanted to reduce the noise in a public place? And will you own one if it becomes available in the market? Tell us via comments ..

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