Huawei Officially Announces the HarmonyOS 2.0

“You can turn off all the lights but the stars in the sky cannot turn off,” Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, said before announcing HarmonyOS 2.0 today at the company’s developer conference.

Richard Yu’s words came as a response to the US administration’s decisions to ban the company. However, this did not disqualify the company. Rather, it continued to provide pioneering phones, and here is the progress of the second generation of its own operating system.

During the developer conference, Huawei confirmed that the new operating system has been developed to work with smartphones, and it will be available for trial by developers at the end of this year.

The second-generation Harmony operating system works on all the company’s smart devices, such as smart watches, televisions, cars and soon, smartphones.

Huawei indicated during the conference that the HarmonyOS 2.0 system will be ready for use next year, and a phone will be launched in October 2021 that works with this system.

The company explained that the system has received some improvements and is ready for tablets and smartphones, and developers can start experimenting from now.

Earlier reports had confirmed that Huawei would launch its future phones with two operating systems, its Harmony system and the Android system, and the user could choose which system he would rely on.

The company has not announced specific plans to launch the new system with its smartphones during the next year.

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