Officially: Apple announces the launch of iOS 14 tomorrow for users

Apple announced at the end of its virtual event today, Time Flies, through CEO Tim Cook, the launch of the iOS 14 update for iPhone users as of counting.

Tim Cook confirmed that iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be released for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV as well.

It is worth noting that the new devices announced today, the Apple Watch Series 6, the eighth generation iPad and the iPad Air, will come with these new systems.

IOS 14 features

Apple previously announced the new operating system for the iPhone iOS 14, which comes with many changes and new features for the first time in several years, during its WWDC 2020 developer conference, which was broadcast on the company’s channel on YouTube, the company revealed the most prominent features of the new operating system.

Among the most prominent of these features is the addition of the App Library, which organizes applications to put each group in a box together automatically instead of spreading applications over several screens, thus reducing the number of screens that the user needs to search inside.

Thanks to this method, the user can hide applications on the main screen, and come with smart collection features, such as pulling all “Apple Arcade” games automatically in one go.

The company also announced the long-awaited Picture-in-picture feature, and the user can install around any content you look at as well as modify the display, and the feature gives you the ability to watch the video anywhere and you can take it to the edge of the screen and it has a pop-up menu to hide and show it.

Apple stated that “iOS 14” supports the “Apple Messages” application with new features, most notably group messages, with support for built-in responses and better notification options, and the user can install the most important conversations, in addition to new Memoji options.

The company added new improvements to its voice assistant “Siri”, and it will appear with a new, larger cartoon symbol that appears upon call, and will now support sending voice messages, with a translation application that provides translations into languages ​​including Arabic more now and Offline works to maintain privacy.

Among the new features in iOS 14, there is a feature present for developers and helping them to encourage users to download their applications under the name App Clips. The feature allows users to experience a specific feature of the applications without fully downloading the application on their devices.

It is worth noting that the update will be available for iPhone 6s and later.

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